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Summer Fever

By Christy Taylor

It’s that time of year…the weather is getting warmer, school is just about out for summer and your employees are daydreaming of toes in the sand or a nice spot by the lake.  So, the question remains, how do you motivate your team during the summer break?

1.     Shorten the work day on Friday.  Think about it…how engaged and productive is your staff on Friday afternoons?  Ever thought about how much more productive they could be if they knew they could leave early and get a head start on their trip to the beach?

2.     Summer BBQ’s and Picnics.  Improve your employee morale by treating them to a BBQ or two during the summer months.  Plan your company picnic and encourage your team members to engage in the activities.

3.     Accommodate your parents with children on summer breaks.  Summer camps and day care can be extremely expensive.  Consider having an onsite daycare available for your working moms and dads with kids on summer break.

4.     Summer dress code.   I am not suggesting shorts and flip flops here; however, allow capris and sandals and perhaps a polo shirt with the company logo on it to help beat the heat.

5.     Workplace Flexibility.  Does your workplace allow for an alternative work schedule or the opportunity to work from home?

I am not suggesting we throw the rules away altogether, but a little more flexibility in the summer months might help to increase your employee engagement which will ultimately increase your employee retention.  Please understand that these suggestions only come with the understanding that performance and productivity maintain at their capacity.

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