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Cure Spring Fever with Employee Engagement

By Faith Driscoll, Esq.

Spring is near and so, too, are the renewed energies of renovations, cleaning, and acticity, after months of hibernation.  Workplaces also feel the spring fever, and in fact, such seasonal trends are fantastic for company growth—and employees. With Spring in particular, we are naturally more energized and alert and amped for newness. If there was ever a time to step outside the realm of what is normally done and try out inventive tactics for employee engagement, it is now.  Refreshing your team after a long winter could be exactly what everyone needs to hit and exceed this years targets.

Using nature as our guide, here are a few tips that will liven up the happiness levels in your workplace this Spring and give employees a renewed drive for the work they do.

Group mini-adventures outside.  Sunlight is nature’s antidepressant. It, along with Vitamin D, regulates moods and improves blood flow to the brain.  Encouraging employees to venture outdoors for a midday break, like hiking a nearby trail, or visiting a botanical garden, is sure to boost joy and adrenaline in all that natural light. This vibrancy inspires creative activity in the workplace.  It also creates strong bonds, trust, and a feeling of personal significance between co-workers and teammates—all of which is the soil for a solid team.

Allow employees to bloom, too.  A big contributor of job dissatisfaction (and ultimately, an unengaged employee leaving your company) is due to an employee feeling stuck and uninspired at work.  Day in and day out, we accomplish the same tasks, which can become menial and meaningless.  When employees feel uninspired in this way, it’s usually a good indicator that they need a challenge or opportunity to grow!  Many companies have already tapped into this intrinsic motivation to learn and know more, by offering to help foot the cost for extended education or training. Other companies focus on personal health by rewarding them with gym club memberships or free bike tune-ups, which is also perfect for the Spring season.  Another creative way to shake things up for employees is to let them take on new tasks and roles in special occasions, like company parties and events.  Encouraging activity like this invites a feeling of freshness—like a flower ready to sprout!

Invest In Your Talent.  Invest in every aspect of your talent pipeline: current and future staff.  Based on your inventory, look at what your people need.  It could be improved team communications, flexible leave, childcare, the option to work from home a few days a week.  The nature of employee loyalty has changed.  Taking into account the needs of those who work for you is no longer just nice for them, but necessary.  Within reason, find a way to give people what they want which will help support greater productivity.  Spring is a great time to do some internal clean up and refocusing on ways to invest in employees to reap the benefits of their full potential.

Give Back.  One great way to motivate employees is to have them invest in their community.  Whether through voluntary work, donations, or activities – from sky diving to sponsored triathlons – which result in causes being supported, it can be a source of pride if a business is giving back to the local community.  Give everyone a chance to vote for a cause which matters most to them.  Pick creative ways to help, whether it’s a cause every month or quarter, so that everyone can get involved and see the harvest of their efforts.

Get out ahead of Spring Fever and determine what cures you can implement this year!  What does your organization do to treat Spring Fever?  Share your thoughts and recommendations with your fellow members in our Member Forum.  To access the page, log on, then select the Member Forum page from the Members menu.  Don't forget to subscribe to receive notifications of new posts! 

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